Dimensional LETTERS

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Make an impression from the very first step into your business with stock or custom dimensional letters and logos. Dimensional lettering adds the final touch to the professional look you need to carry out your branding goals. With an enormous amount of choices of materials, colors, styles, and prices, your dimensional letter sign will be one of the best advertising choices you make and will last you for years to come.



Flat Cut

Six thicknesses 50 finishes. Letter height from 1/2” to 60”. Larger letters and logos available in multi pieces. Cost-effective quality Laser, CNC and water jet cut custom logos and letters.

Cast Metal

Cast Metal

Over 60 standard letter styles. Nearly 70 finish options. Hand-finished cast aluminum. Hand-finished cast bronze. All-electric, pollution-free mfg. Classy & distinctive custom logos and letters.



Laser Cut Plastic

Sizes from one inch to six feet. Larger letters and logos available in multiple pieces. Custom painting and hi res printing available. Wide spectrum of standard colors Thickness from 1/8” to 1 1/2”.


Formed Plastic

Custom painting. Custom sculpted details. Low cost for high impact. Tough. UV stable. No petroleum. Completely recyclable. Custom design for logos and letters. Standard letters available.


Injection Molded Plastic

Six standard styles. Custom painted color. Automotive quality paint. Smooth returns Razor sharp edges. Unblemished letter faces. Cast metal look in a plastic product Extremely durable.



Laminated Metal & Plastic

Metal laminate on acrylic. Metal laminate on foam. Acrylic laminate on foam. Custom fabricated. Different thicknesses available. Dozens of finish options. Interior use only.